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Portfolio - The Machine Warehouse

Project: TMW

We completed a website from the ground up to better show the equipment for their customers. Complete CMS solution to allow employees to add, view and edit listings online and remotely.
Portfolio - Prana

Project: Prana, LLC.

We completed a website re-design from the ground up to better show the photographs.
Portfolio - Candlelight Tavern

Project: Candlelight Tavern

We created a website from scratch to best fit the fun atmosphere and culture of this well established bar in Denver, CO.
Portfolio - National Asset Management Exchange

Project: NAME

We created the company logo from scratch. Also created a database driven website using PHP/MySQL.
Portfolio - LazyFace

Project: LazyFace

We created a website to better show off the band and give fans access to all of the bands info, songs, videos, tickets, etc.
Portfolio - LazyFace

Project: LazyFace

Complete website re-design. We created the original site for them and then completely re-design the band page to better help with merchandising.
Portfolio - Head Fake Games

Project: Head Fake Games

We re-designed the website based upon cusomter provided photoshop files and graphics. Shopping cart system for electronic download using GoDaddy Quick Cart. Also included Flash programming on KeyMABA Flash game.
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